Time to
reconnect Europe

Travelling is exciting, it’s more than a holiday. It’s about reconnecting with family and friends, enjoying new experiences, introducing us to different smells and tastes, and making memories that will last a lifetime. It is also about taking time out from busy schedules to rest and relax both physically and mentally.

Travelling is a cornerstone of European society and culture. Travelling safely is already possible thanks to the health and safety measures that have been implemented and that travellers are adhering to. Together, we can make the reopening of travel and tourism in Europe this summer a reality.

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Travel and tourism is possible in Europe. It can and will be done safely.
  • Freedom of movement is a core principle for European citizens. Europeans need to be able to move both freely and safely. We’re all responsible for ensuring the health and safety of ourselves and others.
  • Airlines, airports and tourism partners have implemented safety measures at every stage of the journey to ensure consumers’ health and wellbeing. 
It is essential for people’s mental health that travel and tourism reopens this summer.
  • Travelling is more than a holiday. It’s a much-needed boost to our wellbeing after the hardship and monotony of this past year. 
  • Making plans to travel and having something to look forward to immediately benefits mental health long before the actual trip (Source: Journal of Vacation Marketing).

Source: IATA

We need a clear, simple and harmonised European approach to reopen travel safely.
  • European countries have to work together to provide solutions. 89% of passengers believe that governments need to standardise vaccine and testing certificates (Source: IATA).
  • Effective tools are available to facilitate safe travel in Europe. 91% of travellers would be comfortable using digital health passports to help restart European travel (Source: Amadeus). 

How can I get involved? ​

Help us spread the word. Safe travel and tourism in Europe is both vital and possible this summer!

Ask your political representative or local authority to get involved in making this vision a reality! You can find some downloadable posts which are easy to share for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn here.