Travel and tourism is possible in Europe. It can and will be done safely.
Health and safety is at the heart of the travel and tourism industry

Freedom of movement is a core value for European citizens. Europeans need to be able to move both freely and safely. Over two-thirds of Europeans understand that air travel remains a safe option with low risk of contagion. The aviation industry is uniquely positioned to make this happen. Check the latest guidelines to keep you safe before you take off. 

  • Protocols allowing airports, airlines and operators to return to normal operations safely have been developed by EASA and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).
  • Industry partners have published and continuously updated guidelines and tips on how to travel safely and responsibly for citizens (Source: A4E). They are your go-to source of information on best practices and can assist you throughout your travel.
  • The risk of catching COVID-19 on an aircraft remains extremely low. An aircraft’s internal ventilation system makes use of HEPA filters, which guarantee an ongoing circulation of fresh air, which keeps the possibility of transmission extremely low. This, coupled with the wearing of a mask and further precautionary measures, makes travelling very safe for all passengers and crews.
  • The European travel and tourism sector is committed to implementing safety measures at every stage of the journey to ensure consumers’ health and wellbeing (Source: The United Nations World Tourism Organisation – UNWTO). This means you can buckle up, mask up and enjoy your flight!
With freedom of movement, comes responsibility

To have a meaningful travel experience this summer, we need to set realistic expectations and make safe and responsible choices. Although in decline, the pandemic is still here, and extra measures are still required. We’re all responsible for ensuring the health and safety of ourselves and others. By staying informed and making responsible choices, we can make the most out of the summer while protecting our health.

  • To travel responsibly, travellers need to know exactly which safety precautions they should be taking. Clear and consistent communication about the safety measures is essential.
  • We have all been taking safety precautions for more than a year now. They are just as important when we are abroad. This includes wearing masks, making sure you keep your physical distance and wash your hands regularly with soap. This will keep chances of cross-border transmission low, allowing us to protect those dearest to us on both sides of the borders.
The summer of 2021 can be the beginning of long-term European recovery

We don’t want to reopen for summer, only to be locked down again. Travel responsibly to stay safe and healthy this summer so that Europe will have a better chance of a quicker and longer-term recovery. By respecting safety measures, together we can make the summer of 21 a summer to remember for all the right reasons! 

How can I get involved? ​

Help us spread the word. Safe travel and tourism in Europe is both vital and possible this summer!

Ask your political representative or local authority to get involved in making this vision a reality! You can find some downloadable posts which are easy to share for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn here.