3 ways to get involved

if you want to travel again

If you are a concerned traveller who wants to let the world know that you think we should get moving again – reach out to your locally elected official and tell them you support the safe reopening of Europe’s borders.
1. Do the TikTok challenge

Want to do our TikTok challenge? Follow our Destination Summer TikTok profile and show how you are training to travel!

  1. Follow the  @DestinationSummer TikTok profile
  2. Record your own video of the #DestinationSummer challenge
  3. Show how you’re training to travel again this summer. You can copy the “Suitcase clothing” or the “Suitcase running” examples or get creative and invent your own routine
  4. Tag #TrainingToTravel and #DestinationSummer
  5. Post it!
2. Post this

Repost one of these images on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn to share your support for the campaign.

Safe travel check! ✅ I’m travelling safely. Please reopen Europe’s borders and let us travel again for all of our wellbeing. I support the #DestinationSummer campaign which asks for a safe and responsible reopening of Europe’s borders.

3. Tweet this

Thanks for spreading the word!
Time to reconnect Europe!