4 ways to get involved

if you work in the travel and tourism industry

1. Share the video

Share our campaign video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, telling friends, family and colleagues why a safe reopening of borders in Europe is important to you this summer.

You can either download it here to upload on social media (best option for Instagram) or share the Youtube video.

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2. Do the TikTok challenge
  1. Follow the  @DestinationSummer TikTok profile
  2. Record your own video of the #DestinationSummer challenge
  3. Show how you’re training for the restart of European travel and tourism this summer. You can copy the “Suitcase clothing” or the “Suitcase running” examples or create your own routine that matches your job
  4. Tag #TrainingToTravel and #DestinationSummer
  5. Post it!

Make it your own!

You can personalise the challenge and have some fun matching it with what you do in your day to day job. Here are some examples:

  • Uniform Switch:
    Jump from your leisure clothes into your uniform. You’re now ready for take off!
  • Pre-flight briefing training:
    Practice giving the pre-flight briefing in random funny settings.
  • Gift wrapping:
    Practice wrapping and bagging random objects at home against the clock. Get ready for all the shoppers!
  • Luggage handling:
    Practice tagging, weighing or transporting luggage. How about weightlifting suitcases?
  • Get creative:
    How can you represent your job in the travel and tourism industry with this challenge? Let’s make sure all types of jobs are represented.
3. Post this

Repost one of these images on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn to share your support for the campaign.

Safe travel check! ✅ This summer, I’m travelling safely and supporting the #DestinationSummer campaign which calls for a safe and responsible reopening of Europe’s borders. Let’s make this happen!

4. Tweet this

Travelling is my job and passion. #Aviation workers need your support to get back to work this summer. Interested? Read more about the #DestinationSummer campaign and how we can jointly call for a clear, simple, and harmonised reopening of Europe.

Summer is my favourite and busiest period of the year. I can't wait to go back to #summer2021 at full speed. And you? Support #travel & #tourism workers by joining #DestinationSummer, a campaign calling for a safe and responsible restart of European travel.

Thanks for spreading the word!
Time to reconnect Europe!