3 ways to get involved

if you’re an association or a company

1. Motivate your staff

Share the campaign with your staff and motivate them to get involved by sharing the content or taking part in the #DestinationSummer TikTok challenge. You can find all details on how staff can get involved here.

A lot of employees in the Travel and Tourism industry are very active on TikTok and have a strong following. Please make sure to reach out directly to any employees who you feel will be a great fit for this campaign. A direct and personal invitation can make employees feel valued.

2. Post this

Amplify our message by sharing our visuals and suggested copy across your social media channels. Don’t forget to include #DestinationSummer and #summer2021!

Shareable text:

TWITTER: Companies across the travel & tourism value chain are taking measures to make sure Europeans can travel safely this summer. Find out more on www.destinationsummer.eu
[Company name] joins the #DestinationSummer – time to reconnect Europe! Find out more on www.destinationsummer.eu

LINKEDIN/FACEBOOK: Although the situation in Europe is improving, we all know that COVID is not over. This is why it is important to go back to travel in a safe and responsible way. More than 75% of Europeans believe that borders should be reopened with exception for where cases are high. And the majority of EU citizens know that air travel is a very safe option. Join our campaign and let’s make sure our governments know we need a coordinated approach to reopening European travel & tourism this summer #DestinationSummer www.destinationsummer.eu
LINKEDIN/FACEBOOK: Restrictions on air travel have had a variety of negative effects: 74% of Europeans feel their quality of life suffered because of the restrictions. The time has come to establish a safe and coordinated approach to restarting European travel and tourism this summer. [Association name] supports the #DestinationSummer campaign which calls for responsible and coordinated reopening of our borders. Join us – it’s time to reconnect Europe! www.destinationsummer.eu
TWITTER: 38% of Europeans can’t wait to see their families. 36% can’t wait to experience new cultures. And 74% think air travel restrictions have had a negative influence on their quality of life. It’s time reopen travel safely and responsibly. Let’s reconnect Europe! #DestinationSummer
3. Share the video

Share our campaign video on your social media channels, helping spread the word about why a safe reopening of borders in Europe is important to you this summer.

You can either download it here to upload on social media (best option for Instagram) or share the Youtube video.

Play Video
4. Do the TikTok challenge

Is your company active on TikTok? Then take part in the TikTok challenge on your official channel. Follow our Destination Summer TikTok profile and show how you are training to travel!

  1. Follow the @DestinationSummer TikTok profile
  2. Record your own video of the #DestinationSummer challenge
  3. Show how you’re company and employees are training for the restart of European travel and tourism this summer. Get creative and make the challenge your own so it matches your brand
  4. Tag #TrainingToTravel and #DestinationSummer
  5. Post it!

Thanks for spreading the word!
Time to reconnect Europe!