We are asking for a clear, simple and harmonised European approach to reopen travel safely and responsibly.
89% of passengers believe that governments need to standardise vaccine and testing certificates.
Europe’s governments must work together to provide clarity

The current patchwork of measures and lack of coordination has led to a lot of uncertainty and stress. 74% of Europeans said their lives were negatively impacted due to air travel restrictions. Our governments need to agree on a harmonised approach regarding travel restrictions in Europe, allowing travellers to understand the rules and stay safe. Let’s tell our governments we need a coordinated, clear, unified approach in Europe so we can safely travel and reignite the tourism industry this summer.

Time to reconnect Europe!

Existing tools should be used by European countries so we can travel safely again this summer. Let’s take a closer look at what governments need to do to make this happen. 

  • The EU Digital COVID Certificate can be used as proof that someone has been vaccinated, tested negative or has recovered from COVID-19 recently. More than 73% of Europeans agree that quarantine is not necessary in case of vaccination or a negative COVID test. This has to be implemented swiftly so that we can restore the freedom of movement in Europe. 
  • Nobody wants to be stuck indoors during the summer. 84% of Europeans will not travel if there is a chance of quarantine at the destination, but thanks to the growing availability and reliability of antigen, tests this can be avoided. Quarantines should be replaced by a pre-travel COVID-19 testing approach which is the same in all European countries. These tests have to be made affordable to everyone to avoid discrimination.
  • A gradual reopening of non-essential international travel to and out of the EU is fundamental for a return to a new normal. Travellers from outside of the EU should be allowed to enter with no restrictions if they come from a country with a low risk of infection or have been vaccinated with an EU-authorised vaccine. 

How can I get involved? ​

Help us spread the word. Safe travel and tourism in Europe is both vital and possible this summer!

Ask your political representative or local authority to get involved in making this vision a reality! You can find some downloadable posts which are easy to share for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn here.